Willow’s Labradoodle Puppies Born August 28, 2016

pine grove png formatUpdate as of 10/10/16

Willow’s Puppies can Start Going Home after October 16th. The puppies are almost all weened!
F1 Labradoodle dame, producing standard (brownish-red or cream) F1b labradoodle puppies.
Willow had a litter of 10 puppies (6 boys and 4 girls) on Sunday, August 28th. All are doing fine and ARE ALL ADOPTED! They are RUNNING AND WILL GET THEIR FIRST SET OF SHOTS NEXT WEEK! Pictures are at the bottom of this page!
Willow was bred to Phoenix of McJares Poodle Palace.
Phoenix Standard P

Phoenix, Male Poodle (AKC and UKC registered)

Puppies must stay with the mother for 8 weeks before going home to their adoptive parents. So puppies can go home right before Halloween! What a treat?!
If you are interested in adopting a goldendoodle which there should be a litter in the Spring, please read all the information under http://www.pinegrovefarmette.com/puppy-purchases/. Then email PineGroveFarmette@gmail.com of your interest.

Our Difference: Our puppies are always born in our home with supervision and are raised in our home. That’s makes us different!

We raise the puppies in our home to acclimate them to other dogs, as well as adults and children of different abilities, including our children with cerebral palsy, autism, and asthma. Our family believes this allows the puppies to adapt easier to differing behaviors of their adoptive family.

Check out our previous puppy placements.

Our dame and sire dogs were hand-selected to offer the gentlest temperament for our family. Our dame labradoodle is from a blood-line of service dogs.

  • Parents (UKC/CKC registered purebreed poodle (sire) and CKC Registered F1 moyen, Labradoodle)
  • Puppies live on the farm and live indoors with our family, which includes a special needs child.
  • Parents have kind, friendly temperaments.
  • Low to No Shed Breed.
  • Good choice for Individual with Allergies.  (Delivery costs extra; pick up at the farmette is free delivery.)
  • Puppies in the beginning stages of potty training when they go to your home
  • Puppies have first set of shots when adopted

Contact us: PineGroveFarmette@gmail.com

Baker - WK6 - Adopted by Jane

Baker – WK6 – Adopted by Jane

Bailey Wk6 - Nate and Nina

Bailey Wk6 – Nate and Nina

Bach - WK 6 - Frank and Family

Bach – WK 6 – Frank and Family

Buttercup - WK6 - Charlene and David

Buttercup – WK6 – Charlene and David

Blossom - WK6 - Dan's Family

Blossom – WK6 – Dan’s Family

Bennett - WK6 - John E.

Bennett – WK6 – John E.


Beethoven - WK6 - Maeve and Liam

Beethoven – WK6 – Maeve and Liam

Baxter - WK6 - Karen K

Baxter – WK6 – Karen K



Labradoodle F1b Murphy

Murphy F1b Standard Labradoodle


Murphy F1b Standard Labradoodle