What is the Difference Between a Purebreed, an F1 Puppy, and an F1b Puppy?

Auburn - Male Goldendoodle

Auburn – Male Goldendoodle

Designer Dog Breeds are the new tendency in the canine world. It consists in mating two different dog breeds to create a unique dog.

Some people think that designer dog breeds are healthier because when we mix two different breeds we are creating a wide variety of characteristics when the dog’s DNA is enriched. The enrichment of the genes is known as Hybrid Vigor.

To begin the process of creating a designed dog we cross (Pure Breed A) x (Pure Breed B) = F1

F1 = 1st generation dog – tends to be “50% purebred-A and 50% purebred-B.

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F1b = F1 (Dames: Willow or Daisy) x Purebred-A (Milo)= 25% purebred-A and 75% purebred-B. Designer dog breeders say that the F1b is the most likely of any other combination to be non shedding, allergy friendly and is the easiest coat to take care of.